Telma João Santos

17 December 1976. Phd in Mathematics (2011). Postgraduation in Digital Visual Culture (2012). PhD in Performance Art (2016).

Worked with Evora Contemporary Dance Company for 5 years, did workshops with Elizabeth Corbett, Piter Michael Dietz, Vera Mantero, Sofia Dias & Vitor Roriz, Cláudia Dias and João Fiadeiro in Real Time Composition, of site-specific with Karen Kerkhoven, in performance with Mario Afonso, Ana Borralho&João Galante, Guilherme Garrido, Summer Lab with La Pocha Nostra (Roberto Sifuentes and Guillermo Gomez-Peña), with Nicole Peisl and Alva Noë (Forsythe Company), and her work in Mathematics, she decides to develop a research around autoethnography as a new layer, using sound and video as tools to record body mind movement in moments of "in between" Mathematics and body movement research.

Mathematician&Performance Artist

Telma João Santos

Mathematics & Performance: Possibilities

Construction of / Reflection on performances, using mathematical tools. Analysis, in real time, of movement possibilities in pre-decision moments.Documentation of creation processes, construction of associated theoretical models having as an example, in particular, the performance itself.
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