Academic Publications
Mathematics-Calculus of Variations

PhD Thesis


"Local Estimates for minmizers of some

convex integral functional of the gradient

and the Strong Maximum Principle",

with V.V. Goncharov

Set Valued and Var.Anal., 2011

"An extremal property of the inf- and sup-

convolutions regarding the Strong

Maximum Principle",

with V.V. Goncharov

8th ISAAC Congress, Moscow, 2012

"Local Estimates for functionals depending

on the gradient with a perturbation",

J. Math Anal. and Appl. , 2016

Performance Art/Crossings

PhD Thesis


"Mathematics and Performance Art: first steps on an open road"

Leonardo Journal , 2017

"On Self Codes: a case study in between mathematics and performance art"

Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts , 2017

"On turbulence: in between mathematics

and performance"

Performance Research , 2014

"On a Multiplicity: deconstructing

cartesian dualism using maths tools"

Liminalities: A Journal of Performance

Studies, 2014

"Performance as Remediation where the

concepts of immediacy and hypermediacy

converge", CIEBA-FBAUL, 2013

"Matemática e Movimento em

Performance: um estudo de caso"

Conference Paper - PT, FLUL, 2014